Thursday, September 26, 2013

Get It Together (for less than $3!) Trunk Organizer

I am a sucker for packaging.  There, I've said it.  I love the idea of taking a blank canvas and turning it into something beautiful of my own.  So when I saw these two milk crates being unloaded and set aside outside a local business to be thrown away, I was more than happy to take them off their hands (with permission of course!).  They were so sturdy that I knew they could hold up to some heavy duty usage and when I put them into the back of my SUV they slipped perfectly side by side, love it when inspiration strikes!  And so I embarked on what ended up being one of the SIMPLEST projects I have ever done (even simpler than the dusting mitt hanger).  I am so thrilled with how it turned out.

First things first though, gotta gather your materials!

The beauty of this project is how much room it gives you to personalize.  Now that there are approximately 80 million bagillion different types of printed duct tape (give or take) you can turn your car organizer into something that you actually ENJOY having people see!

Next up, is to assemble your masterpiece! Like I said, I was seriously shocked at how simple this ended up being.  Normally I go into projects thinking they're going to be a breeze and two hours later, end up thinking the retail cost of the item I'm DIY'ing (that I'd initially gawked at) was way WAY too low lol. So this was a great surprise.  First is to arrange your milk crates the way you'd like them.  I have an SUV so they fit right in lengthwise but if you have a smaller car/trunk you might want to try them width-wise.  Take your zip ties and attach tiiiiightly, securing the crates together at all four corners.  And there you have it- the base of your organizer!

Now all that's left is to make it your own.  For my organizer I chose white duct tape and used one of my favorite wrapping paper patterns as an accent.  I cut the wrapping paper into strips and used clear masking tape on top to make them stick and also give the paper some durability. Then I cut out the tape across the hand holds on either side and placed my masterpiece into its new abode.  Here, my friends, is the finished product.

I love it! Every time I see it i'm happy :)  I love using it for groceries, especially for eggs and things so they aren't crushed by an ice cream container gone rogue or soda pack on a power trip.  One side of the organizer I left as-is, the other however I added a hot/cold bag that I picked up from my local 99 cent store that I can pop my frozen things into if I need to run an errand before they make it to the freezer.  And there you have it!  Quick, sweet, and super simple.  Has anyone ever had that AH-HA moment? What "why didn't I think of that" projects have you made?! I'd love to know!

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